Habourside House

At just 89m² plus decks, this is a unique home for a couple.

With stunning views over the Whangarei Harbour, it is designed for views to the South and privacy to the North. The nautical nature of the site has strongly informed the concept, with details having been carried throughout the house.

The house is located to allow a double carport (storage) below. The carport is retained, waterproofed and insulated to allow the potential to be enclosed at a later date as required. Utilising insulated 140mm thick stud walls and double glazing, the house performs thermally extremely well. Natural cross ventilation is achieved via careful placement of door and windows.

Decks to both South and North sides of the dwelling allow multiple options for outdoor living. The exterior cladding of Cedar weatherboards allows the exterior form of the building to sit sensitively in its surroundings, as well as making reference to timber, sea going vessels.