A new bach on a challenging site. The site is bordered by an estuary to the west with primary sea views to the east. The site is cut by a open stormwater drain with tidal influence. A steep ridge rises to the south with the remains of a quarry face. A large ‘bite’ has been taken out of the site to the east of the building platform, which is DOC land. A flood hazard exists over the lower portions of the site, setting a minimum floor level. Setbacks from road, esplanade reserve and easements tightly constrain the building platform.

The bach is ordered around a north-south axis. This allows the use of good passive design principles whist maximising views and privacy. A covered morning deck off the kitchen allows sun and views with the morning coffee. Extensive decks and a dining space open fully to the exterior allow a choice of outdoor dining locations to suit time of day/year etc. A first floor master bedroom suite maximises views.  

This project is currently at the Resource Consent stage.