• Manaia Kindergarten

    The brief for this preschool was very clear. It was to be a unique building, acting as a focal point for the rural community as well as providing an enhanced environment for the preschoolers, parents and staff enjoying the facility.

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  • Pataua House, Whangarei District

    This home is separated into distinct parts for living, sleeping and working. The partially flat and hilly site worked well for designing with passive solar principles in mind.

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  • Mitsubishi Motors

    This project by McKenzie Higham Architecture, Wellington, was a site wide, multi stage redevelopment of an existing showroom, parts and service centre.

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Architects Whangarei, Northland

TWO Architects Whangarei is a architect’s practice based in Northland and established in 2012 between Felicity Christian Architect and Jeff Brickell Architect. Working together, we offer many tangible benefits to clients including a larger pool of resources and a wide range of expertise and experience. Jeff and Felicity provide dedicated personal service throughout all projects and give value for money as overheads are shared.

Offering clients the ability to select a female or male designer, or both, to drive their project is an important aspect in their collaboration, bringing both the male and female perspectives to the table. We understand that no two clients are the same, no two sites are the same and no two projects are the same. We offer you what you need individually.

Our motto ‘two architects are better than one’

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